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Burn Limitations - Ignite Passions - Spark Success

We work with women in business & leadership who are done with exhaustion & burnout—ready to powerfully live & lead with ease, FUN and enJOYment!


Find the Funny Faster to Feel More You

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Join this group of gals and let Carla show you how to live and lead with ease, more FUN and enjoyment.

You can expect weekly-ish emails, filled with wit, wisdom and wellness insights. 


Reignite Your Spark Retreat ⚡️

If you are done with exhaustion and burnout and you're ready to powerfully live & lead with more FUN and enjoyment.

Join us for a weekend of blissful relaxation, growth and vivacious energy to reignite your SPARK!

The Energize Experience 🎉


Carla has amalgamated over 30 years of expertise in wellness, her unique fusion of wit and wisdom, with the power of fun, play and laughter to create the life-changing Energize methodology. 

Find the Funny Faster

Within you is the innate capacity for vibrant health & vivacious energy... We teach women leaders how to find the funny faster, so they can live and lead from their power with ease, joy, and vivacious energy as they impact the world in a huge way!  


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