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The Sanity & Serenity Club

Yes Please!

It's a Girl Gang of goodness and fun where we get to be Bold and Daring and you can show up as your extraordinary self. 

Want more ease and effortlessness in life?

Soul Care


Virtual Happy Hours

Quintessential Quests

These monthly events, often include cocktails, always include storytelling, occasionally include serious topics and frequently include humorous truth talk about what is REALLY happening for you, the modern day, professional woman who holds about a bajillion roles and responsibilities!

Let's face it, with a cocktail and great conversation, there's a lot of problems that can be solved!

Monthly Membership includes: Freebies & Fun Sheets * Soul Care Seminars * Virtual Happy Hours * Quintessential Quests

This Club is for you if:

  • You're worried if you stop and relax or try to enjoy life you won't achieve your dreams and desires
  • You're living (and maybe drowning yourself) in a cocktail of guilt, stress, doubts and fears and you are praying nobody figures you out
  • You're feeling overwhelmed, overworked, over-extended and UNDER-appreciated.
  • You just need some FUN, a reason to laugh, and connection to other women where you can let go of the struggle and thrive 

Give us your deets and we'll keep you in the loop